May 18th NPSA Cruise:

The Day Before... Of Course!
Northern Water Snake @ the boatyard the day before

May 11th: New Cockpit Cushions

Marvin at Charm City Marine Canvas made a new set of cockpit cushions. 2" closed cell underneath 3" high density open cell foam for the benches and 4" for the helm. Sunbrella. Plus the cockpit combing setas.


May 4 & 5:

- Rock Creek / Mikes / Stoney Creek
- Removed Old Loran system & wiring.

May 3rd: Stern Gate & SKS Marine

Slim from SKS marine:
- new fuel gauge & sending unit.
- cleaned heat exchngr. (clogged & cruddy)
- drained cooling jacket / cleaned / replaced antifreeze.
- drained fuel / water sep bowl.
- need to return to replace blower. (wrong size)
- replaced fuel filter. (5/4/13)

*** need to replace battery cables w/ higher gauge. (tested w/ jumpers from bat 1 to starter... turned over much faster)
*** low power number 1 bat

Finished Stern gate and Helm Cover Zipper project:
- stern pulpit a little less rigid, but not bad when gate is closed.
- Dudly Bycott installed new zipper on helm cover.

May 1st: More Fun w/GoPro Camera

Having a blast messing with the GoPro Hero 3 Camera. What an amazing product!